PB3M-128 Panadería y Pastelería Horno
PB3M-88 Panadería y Pastelería Horno
PB3M-128 Panadería y Pastelería Horno
alta calidad de panadería y pastelería hornos
Made by GMG
Grande Horno de Pizza
Nova Horno de Pizza
Firino Horno de Pizza
Cumplir con nuestra última serie horno de pizza
Classic Lux Horno de Pizza
Made by GMG
Firino PS 66 Duo Horno de Pizza
Classic PS 6292 Duo Horno de Pizza
Nueva para el mundo de la pizza
Firino Duo
Classic Duo
Made by GMG
PF 9292 DE Horno de Pizza
PF 5050 E Horno de Pizza
Hornos de pizza para todos los gustos

Tiene alguna exigencia más pequeños?
Tenemos el horno de pizza adecuado para usted.

Classic PF 5050 E
Classic PF 9292 DE
Made by GMG
PF 4040 DE3 Horno de Pizza
PF 4040 E Horno de Pizza
Mini Grupo Hornos de Pizza
PF 4040 E
PF 4040 DE 3
Made by GMG
PF 4040 DE4 Horno de Pizza
PF 4040 DE 4
Classico Gofrera
Amore Gofrera
Gelato Gofrera Plato
Ti Amo Gofrera Plato
Ti Amo
Gofreras Personalizables

Personalice sus planchas de gofres con una amplia selección de platos.

Made by GMG
Bruxelles Gofrera Plato
KGW 01 S Gofrera
KGW 21 S Gofrera
WE 06 Gofrera
WE 26 Gofrera
Made by GMG
Grill de Contacto
Grill de Contacto
Grill de Contacto
Grill de Contacto
Grill de Contacto

con diferentes tamaños

Made by GMG
GP 5530 G Parrilla
GP 5530 EG Parrilla
GP 7050 G Parrilla
GP 7050 EG Parrilla
Made by GMG
GP 5530 E
CR-E 40 Crepera
CR-D 240 Crepera
Creperas con diferentes tamaños
CR-E 40
CR-D 240
CR-E 40 Crepe Maker
DT Classic Tostador de Túnel
Tostador de túnel para un servicio rápido

Tostadora Elegante diseño hace a servir a sus clientes más rápido que nunca.

Made by GMG
Pan Cortar Máquinas
máquinas de cortar el pan para un servicio rápido

Máquinas de cortar pan Elegantemente diseñadas hacen a servir a sus clientes más rápido que nunca.

Made by GMG
TA 40 G Laminadore
TA 40 Laminadore
laminadores de diseño elegante
TA 40 G
TA 40
TK 1008 Amasadora
TK 2218 Amasadora
amasadoras de diseño elegante
TK 1008
TK 2218
Salamander 88
Salamander 60

About GMG

As one of the leading industrial kitchen equipment manufacturers in Turkey, GMG Catering Equipments is manufacturing world-class designed industrial kitchen equipments with the help of a team consisting of experienced professionals working at its factory in İzmir/Torbali Industrial Zone.

GMG Catering Equipments export 85% of our products to the European and overseas markets and sell the other 15% to exporters and dealers within the domestic market of Turkey.

GMG Catering Equipments has one of the best R&D teams consisting of experienced and innovative professionals developing solutions for our domestic and foreign customers. Our innovative products have earned us recognition as one of the top industrial kitchen equipment suppliers, as well as attention from many distinguished buyers.

Because it is very important to retain customer satisfaction by offering world-class designed products, GMG Catering Equipments has increased the quality of manufacturing process and its procedures to the highest levels by getting CE and ISO 9001:2008 quality certificates to guarantee the overall quality of its products.

GMG Catering Equipments is getting stronger each passing day by following technology and innovation trends closely.

Our Mission

To continue doing business by following international quality standards, retaining customer satisfaction and applying “High Quality Combined With The Best Price”principle.

Our Vision

“To Be A Global Brand In The Sector” by following continuously changing and developing technology trends.

Our Certificates

CE Mark

Our products conform with the essential requirements of the applicable European conformity directives.

ISO 9001:2008

We have been recognised as having met the qualifications required to obtain the ISO 9001:2008 certification.